5 Unique Way To Celebrate New Year


Have an outdoor celebration

Even though it’s wintertime and the weather outside is frightful, spending time outdoors does wonders for your psyche no matter what season it is.

Watch the Times Square ball drop

The quintessential New Year’s Eve event is watching the ball drop in Times Square, NYC. If you can be there in person, amazing!

Collect the year's memories

When’s the last time you actually printed photos out? It’s probably been a while, so take the time to do it now. Whether you make a scrapbook of the last year or some other theme.

Play games with loved ones

Even if the ones near and dear to your heart are too far to visit, you can still celebrate the new year with them. There are plenty of ways to connect with friends and family.

Plan a fancy dinner

If there's any holiday that is perfect for bundling up in your coziest PJs and pulling out all the stops to cook a start-to-finish gourmet meal, it's New Year's Eve.

Go dancing

No matter if you hit your favorite club or listen to your best playlist in the comfort of your own home, dancing is always a good idea on New Year's Eve.

Light up your night

While the Times Square Ball Drop is certainly a sparkly experience to watch on TV or in person, there are other light shows to brighten up your evening as well. There are plenty of Christmas light shows still on display..

Throw a party

Is there a better time throughout the year to throw a shindig than New Year’s Eve? Go for a full-on dinner party.

Make a toast

Whether you’re celebrating with a group of pals or cozying up with your partner, it’s the ideal evening to break out the bubbly and make a toast to the coming year.

Have a bonfire

On a chilly winter night, few things are as warming and wonderful as an outdoor bonfire. Invite a few friends over to bask in the flames as you make s’mores, sip hot cocoa, and celebrate New Year’s Eve together.