Top 10 Features of Apple Watch Series 4

By: Loan Budy

Apple Watch Series 4 marks the the first redesign to Apple's popular wearable. Apple Insider walks through the top ten features that make it worth a purchase for users new and old.

This nearly edge-to-edge display is more than 30-percent larger than previous Apple Watches. Even though the display is larger, the size of the Apple Watch overall has only grown ever-so-slightly outwards, while getting a tad thinner.


On previous iterations of Apple Watch, the back case was metal, with a glass cover for the heart rate monitor, Ceramic is now swapped for the glass on the higher-end stainless and Edition models.

Ceramic back

Digital Crown Digital CrownApple made a big deal about the Digital Crown this year. It actually has more parts, but is overall able to be smaller and more compact.

Digital Crown

Speaking of the ECG functionality... this is entirely new on the Apple Watch Series 4.After the software patch rolls out, users can simply hit start, hold a finger on the side of the Digital Crown, and it will take your reading.


The exclusive ones include Infographic and Infographic Modular. Infographic is the most complication-dense face Apple has created, with support for roughly nine complications — depending on what you count as a complication.

New watch faces

Just like with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4 got the gold color treatment. Available in either stainless or aluminum, these new color isn't a gaudy yellow, but more of a subtle tint instead. It also has a slightly copper hue, which should increase the broad appeal.

Gold color

Bluetooth 5 has increased throughput and range which should be helpful with any Bluetooth connected accessories or when paired to the latest iPhones.

Bluetooth 5

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