UK Queen Consort Camellia Slips Into Bengaluru On Wellness Visit 

By: Loan Budy

 The United Kingdom's Queen Consort Camilla landed in Bengaluru on a private visit for her first overseas tour. She came by a British Airways flight Thursday, travelled by road for nearly 40 km from Kempegowda International Airport to Soumya, a tony holistic health and wellness center near Whitefield.

According to sources, 75-year-old Camilla, wife of King Charles III, was accompanied by a few friends and escorted by members of Royalty and Specialist Protection, an elite force of Scotland Yard

Police sources said, “There were strict instructions not to  Publicise her trip as it’s a private Visit No public engagement programmed or interactions have been  scheduled during her stay.”

Soukya chairman Dr Isaac Mathai has been the holistic physician for Camilla and Charles for several years.

Personnel at Soukya cited confidentiality clauses and refuse to divulge details about the ayurvedic and naturopathy therapies she would be undergoing.

Camilla’s association with Soukya dates back to 2010, when she visited the center for the first time.

She has made around eight visits so far. Camilla got her husband Charles to celebrate his 71st birthday at Soukya in November 2019.

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